FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When is the first day of preschool?

The preschool year starts the first week of September, however registration is ongoing through out the year. Once we receive your registration package your child’s teacher will send you a ‘Welcome Newsletter’ by email with details of your child’s first day.                  Your child’s first day will be on the bottom of your completed registration form.

What should my preschooler bring?

A pair of easy slip-on’s or Velcro shoes is required to be left at the preschool for the year. Socks is not an option as we do monthly fire drills and the children need to be able to go outside on short notice. A back pack is a great way to transport a change of clothes to school as well as toting crafts home.  We suggest packing a change of clothes, including underwear, pants and socks.  Accidents do happen so a change of clothes will be necessary.  We have spare clothes on hand but not a wide variety of sizes or styles.

Should I pack a snack?

During the Covid restrictions we are asking parents to send a healthy snack with their child in a container that is clearly labeled with their name. Please do not include anything that requires heating, and remember we are a NUT FREE environment. Once the Covid restrictions are lifted we will resume supplying a healthy snack.

Snacks are provided by the preschool.  We serve fresh fruit and vegetables, a whole wheat cracker and water or juice. We are a nut free environment. Consult your teacher in regards to allergy alerts.

Do you celebrate birthdays?

Yes, we do.  A prepackaged store bought special snack can be brought to help celebrate your child’s birthday.  We suggest Rice Krispie Squares as they comply with most allergy issues and are easy to serve.  Check with you teacher to set up a day that suits both of you.

Do you play outdoors?

Yes, weather permitting.  Always dress your child for the weather.

Should I call the preschool to explain an absence?

Yes, Please call us with any absence.

When are the holidays?

We follow the Public School Board holiday schedule.  We do not follow school board (PD) professional days off. Check your monthly newsletter or ask your teacher if you are unsure of the holiday schedule.

When do I register for next year? 

Please call our office (403) 217-5658.

Priority registration for currently enrolled parents and alumni is held in January of every year. 

Remaining spots are offered to the public at our Open house in February.

If you have additional questions, please contact Marilyn Krieger . (403) 217-5658